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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

monkey'n around.

Is that not the cutest little monkey you've ever seen?!

Things have been pretty crazy around here. Caely had her 1st birthday in Sept and she is just growing beautifully. She's learning new "words" every day and just as lovable as can be. I have been staying busy with some part time work here and there. I started watching a little girl after school a few days a week. That's great for Caely and I since we get to take a mile walk to the school and enjoy this awesome fall weather. {which we love} and C loves having the play mate. 

I've been doing some secret shopping and still doing my etsy orders. It's fun and keeps me busy when C is napping or playing with her toys. She likes to sit in my lap and watch the sewing machine go crazy :)

Derek has been insanely busy with school. He's working at the Old Guard Museum in the archives office. He is a full-time student and we've decided that Tulsa University will be a better fit for us for his pre-med classes. He's already been accepted and we are just counting down the days until we are out of this city. 

Our lease ends in March, so I'm already starting my hunt for our next home. We want something small so we can try to save some money. Things are not cheap here. We'll be at the next place until summer and then be home at the end of July/ early August. 

Just a few new things C loves to do this week:
*What's a monkey say? "Ooh Ooh ah ah ah"
* "Kitty"
* Signs "more" and "thank you"
*Motions me to come here with her hand
*Shakes her booty!
*Coloring with crayons, pens, markers
*"Ahh! Bug!"

Well, nap time is nearly over so I'll just post a few pics from our Monkey'N Around photoshoot!

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